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O baby! Here are Nova Scotia's top names for 2020

There are 6,856 babies born in Nova Scotia in 2020, and two new names have dethroned the top picks of 2019, Charlotte and Jack.

Oliver and Olivia were top choices among parents in the province this year

Oliver and Olivia were Nova Scotia's top baby names of 2020. (Starocean/Shutterstock)

Oliver and Olivia were the favourite names for Nova Scotian babies born in 2020.

There were 56 baby Olivers born this year, and 54 newborns named Olivia this year, according to Nova Scotia's Registry of Vital Statistics.

They dethrone last year's top names, Charlotte and Jack, both of which still remain in the province's top 10 list.

The other names that made the top 10 tier include Benjamin, William, Levi, Noah, Ivy and Ava.

William and Olivia were the most popular names in the province for three years running prior to 2019.

New names gaining popularity

According to the province, the most popular names usually remain consistent over the years.

But the release says a few new names are gaining popularity, such as Luke, Evelyn and Thomas, while some old favourites like Henry and Nora are returning.

As of Dec. 29, there were 6,856 registered births in Nova Scotia this year.

The province began formally registering births in 1864. The most popular names that year were Mary and John.

Here is the full ranking of baby names for 2020:

Girls Boys
Olivia (54) Oliver (56)
Charlotte (41) Benjamin (48)
Ivy (37) William (48)
Ava (36) Jack (47)
Nora (33) Levi (41)
Amelia (30) Noah (41)
Sophie (28) Henry (35)
Evelyn (27) Liam (33)
Isla (27) Owen (33)
Sophia (27) Luke (32)
Lily (26) Hudson (30)
Scarlett (26) Thomas (29)
Emma (25) Alexander (25)
Harper (24) Leo (25)
Violet (24) Theodore (25)
Ella (22) Emmett (24)
Abigail (21) Jackson (24)
Grace (21) James (24)
Hannah (20) Lucas (24)
Avery (20) Carter (23)



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