Nova Centre's final design approved

The final design of Halifax’s new convention centre complex — Nova Centre — has been approved.

Halifax committee approves 'tweaks'

This initial design for the Nova Centre was released last July. (Rank Inc)

The final design of Halifax’s new convention centre complex — Nova Centre — has been approved.

Developer Joe Ramia and his team addressed many topics for the city's design committee, everything from lights to trees, and even how the new mega-structure will impact wind patterns in downtown Halifax.

The committee gave the design unanimous approval with only minor changes at a meeting Thursday. 

Ramia, head of Rank Inc., said it's good news.

"I feel very good that we've covered this step, that's the last step in this process. We're feeling very good about having a unanimous approval from the design review committee," he said.
The $500-million Nova Centre will be the home to a new $164-million convention centre, a luxury hotel, as well as business and retail space. 

Ground was broken on the site a year and a half ago and work continues on the building's foundation.

Earlier this week, city council approved the sale of part of Grafton Street, which would result in the closure of part of the street.

Andy Fillmore is a member of the design committee.

"I think this is a great outcome. the dialogue and debate by the design review committee tonight has improved the project significantly, I think," he said.

It’s still not clear when the above ground construction will begin.

But with the design process behind him, Ramia is confident he'll have his building permit in-hand before the end of this month.

"That is the last hurdle we have to really cross, so that's why we're very happy with what happened here tonight," said Ramia.

The Heritage Trust of Nova Scotia argues the design is too big for Halifax’s historic downtown and is pushing for a judicial review of the development.