Nova Scotia

No ground search for missing New Glasgow woman

Ground searches for missing New Glasgow woman Amber Kirwan weren't conducted Thursday, but police say the investigation into her disappearance is ongoing.

Ground searches for missing New Glasgow woman Amber Kirwan didn't appear to be conducted Thursday, but police say the investigation into her disappearance is ongoing.

Police are going over evidence and tips found in the past few days.

Kirwan, 19, was last seen at about 1:30 a.m. Sunday when she left her friends at Dooly's pool hall to meet her boyfriend Mason Campbell.
Dooly's manager Chasity MacKinnon showed police surveillance tape of Kirwan leaving the pool hall. (CBC)

Campbell is a person of interest in her disappearance.

Dooly's manager Chasity MacKinnon said she couldn't get it off her mind.

"I mean, we have eight staff, nine staff working at one time and just for no one to see her leave.  It's upsetting," MacKinnon told CBC News.

She provided police the last glimpse of Kirwin from a security camera. MacKinnon said security footage shows Kirwan walking alone towards Big Al's Convenience.

People around town say they're hoping she'll be found safe.

Some employees of The Beauty Barn across the street from Dooly's say clients have said they don't feel safe leaving the salon alone after dark.

Police say while there appears to be a lull in the case, that's not true.

"This investigation is not scaled back, we're still investigating it as a missing persons investigation," said Const. Ken MacDonald.

Searches by five crews from across the province were conducted in the New Glasgow area Wednesday. New Glasgow Fire Rescue used three kayaks to search the East River, which runs through the centre of town.
Amber was last seen leaving Dooly's pool hall alone Sunday morning. (Submitted)

No crews were seen Thursday.

"There's a lot of tips, there's a lot of information, there's a lot of evidence has been gathered from the public and as a result they have to analyze it."

MacDonald said analysis is being done by both New Glasgow police and officers from the RCMP major crime unit.

Police say some articles of clothing found during the search still haven't been identified as belonging to Kirwan.