To beat boredom, Halifax artist creates James Bond-inspired artwork every day

Nigerian artist Emmanuel Nwogbo started his 365 James Bond Characters project to overcome procrastination, boredom and to share his love for the James Bond movies with others.

'The best way to keep my skills fresh is through practise,' says Emmanuel Nwogbo

In this piece of artwork, Emmanuel Nwogbo, right, puts himself besides Francisco Scaramanga, a character from the James Bond film The Man with the Golden Gun. (365 James Bond Characters/Facebook)

It's a struggle for many to stick to their New Year's resolutions, but a Nigerian artist and designer living in Halifax has been successful at creating digital artwork of a James Bond character every day in 2018.

Emmanuel Nwogbo started his 365 James Bond Characters project in January and has been sharing his daily creations on his Instagram and Facebook accounts to get rid of boredom, overcome procrastination and to share his love of the James Bond movies with others. 

"It has been helping me because before, I used to come back from work and just play video games, but now I find myself productive and the sense of relief you get of actually accomplishing something," he said.

Emmanuel Nwogbo says with so many characters in the Bond films, it will allow him to do a piece of artwork every day in 2018. (CBC)

Nwogbo graduated from NSCAD University in 2016 with a master's degree in interdisciplinary design. He's not working in design at the moment, but said he doesn't want to give up on his passion.

"The best way to keep my skills fresh is through practise, so I wanted this opportunity to learn new things," said Nwogbo, who has been experimenting with collage and illustration.

There have been 24 James Bond movies made so far and Nwogbo has seen them all multiple times. He has the full DVD collection near his wall, covered by his latest James Bond artwork.

Why he chose James Bond films

Nwogbo said there are over 400 characters from the movies, giving him room to experiment with a lot of different characters for a project this long.

"James Bond characters are mostly over the top and they don't take themselves too seriously, so that's why I chose them," he said.

This piece of artwork is a cross between the famous American Gothic painting and features characters from the Bond film Diamonds Are Forever. (365 James Bond Characters/Facebook)

Like the characters, Nwogbo said he doesn't take himself too seriously while creating the digital pieces and does what he thinks will "look most cool and fun."

At the end of 2018, he plans to have an exhibition of his work.

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