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Some Bedford residents concerned new bus route will increase congestion

Some Bedford, N.S., residents say a new Halifax Transit bus route will make an already congested situation on their street even worse.

Route 91 is scheduled to begin operating on Oceanview Drive on Nov. 25

Some residents are worried about the impact of a new bus route on their street in Bedford. (Robert Short/CBC)

Some residents along Oceanview Drive in Bedford don't want a new bus route to use their street until traffic problems have been dealt with because they say the buses will make an already congested situation even worse.

In an email, local resident Josh Hagle said there has been a significant increase in traffic volume since 2014. He blames the increase on the decision to connect Nine Mile Drive to Larry Uteck Boulevard. The street is on a waiting list for traffic-calming measures.

There are also concerns about a recent decision by the Bedford South School to stop parents from using school property to drop off or pick up their kids. According to Hagle, this means people are now parking along Oceanview Drive near Amin Street, creating more safety issues.

Route 91 is scheduled to begin on Nov. 25. It will operate between Bedford West and the Mumford Terminal and have stops along Oceanview Drive.

The local councillor, Tim Outhit, raised the issue at the transportation committee on Thursday. He asked for a staff report to look into other options.

"It could involve rerouting the bus, it could delay the bus launch until traffic calming is in place, or maybe all we need to do is change the parking on one side," said Outhit.

Mixed opinions

Other councillors on the transportation committee were skeptical.

"It's [the bus] once every hour, once every half hour during peak time," said Coun. Sam Austin. "I'd be shocked if speeding buses are suddenly the end of the world on this road."

"The concerns around safety, speeding, traffic volume, shortcutting, they're not related to a bus," said Coun. Shawn Cleary.

The committee approved the request for a report within 60 days.


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