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When a front-line worker needed some new wheels, a bike shop delivered

A front-line worker in Halifax was shocked when she went to pick up her bicycle from a local shop, only to be given one.

Kimberley Watson says when she was given the bike she 'started to cry like a big baby'

Nursing home housekeeper Kimberley Watson rides her bike every day — no matter the weather. To show its appreciation, Cyclesmith gave Watson a new bike. (Submitted by Kimberley Watson)

No matter the weather, nursing home housekeeper Kimberley Watson rides her bike every day.

The avid cyclist is well known at her local bike shop, Cyclesmith. She's often there with a smile on her face and will bring treats to the staff.

When she needed some work done to her bike, the store decided to show its appreciation to Watson and give her a new bike instead.

It was a gesture that Watson wasn't expecting when she arrived at the shop to pick up her seven-year-old bicycle.

She said Cyclesmith owner Andrew Feenstra handed her the new bike.

"I started to cry like a big baby," Watson told CBC's Information Morning.

"What they did for me was the most generous, thoughtful, beautiful thing to do for a person that loves cycling."

Kimberley Watson works at a nursing home in Dartmouth, N.S. (Submitted by Kimberley Watson)

Feenstra said it was an emotional moment for everyone.

"She's such an awesome person, she's doing amazing work," he said.

"She's the person that deserves it."

Staff suited up the Trek FX3 hybrid bike with new lights, a rack and everything else Watson would need to ride right out of the store.

"Then she literally rode off down the street on the bike and you could see her smile the whole way," Feenstra said.

Disinfecting 'like crazy'

Watson works at a nursing home in Dartmouth, N.S.

She said she's been cleaning since she was 14 and has always taken her cleaning seriously.

"I feel my job right now is so important, it's a life-or-death thing," she said.

"My biggest goal is to try and keep [COVID-19] out of our building by disinfecting like crazy."

She said she isn't worried for herself, but is scared for her "sweet residents" and her work family.

Even in her off hours, Kimberley Watson says she's constantly cleaning and washing her hands to ensure she doesn't bring COVID-19 to work. (Submitted by Kimberley Watson)

"I know some of them go home to children and I also know that the seniors are very vulnerable right now," Watson said.

Even when she's not at work, Watson said she washes her hands and cleans constantly to keep the virus at bay and make sure she doesn't bring it in to work.

But when she's not cleaning, Watson is riding her new bike.

She said the gesture meant the world to her.

"Biking to me is my inner peace, it's my everything," she said.

"[Feenstra] figured I deserved a new bike and it was time for a new bike. He felt that I was a hero."

With files from CBC's Information Morning, Emma Smith