Nova Scotia

N.S. teen 'tortured' in 2-day abduction, grandmother says

A 16-year-old boy told RCMP he was held against his will in a shed east of Halifax for nearly two days — suffering burns and broken hands.

A 16-year-old boy told RCMP he was held against his will in a shed east of Halifax for nearly two days — suffering burns and broken hands.

Halifax District RCMP received a report earlier Wednesday that a teenager was allegedly abducted in the Porters Lake area on Monday, RCMP Cpl. Scott MacRae said.

The teen told police he was taken to a residence in East Chezzetcook where he was assaulted and detained, MacRae said.

The RCMP are searching a house and shed in East Chezzetcook, where a teenager said he was held against his will. (Michael Dick/CBC)

The teen said he managed to escape Wednesday morning, and ran to a neighbouring house and called police.

The youth was taken to Twin Oaks Hospital with non-life threatening injuries, MacRae said.

The teen's grandmother told CBC News that the boy was "tortured" and suffered burns and broken hands. She said he asked his kidnappers why they were hurting him, but she said he got no reply. 

MacRae said the police have a lot of questions, too. 

"Is he involved in something? Or was he in the wrong place at the wrong time? All those factors will come into play," MacRae said.

"Hopefully we can put together the correct facts …and find out who basically assaulted this youth."

MacRae said police do not believe the alleged victim was chosen at random.

The teenager is well-known in the justice system. He has 27 criminal convictions, including robbery, arson and driving without a licence.

In 2009, the boy's grandparents asked the Nova Scotia Department of Community Services to step in and take responsibility for him.

When they found out about a plan to send him to Utah, they asked the court to force the province to treat him in Nova Scotia.

U.S. Customs agents refused to allow the boy entry into their country. The teen was then sent to a facility in Ontario.

His family lobbied successfully to have him brought home despite concerns there wasn't adequate treatment for him in Nova Scotia.