Nova Scotia

N.S. kids in need to get bike helmets

The provincial government is investing $200,000 to purchase 15,000 bicycle helmets for children in need.

Province purchasing 15,000 helmets

Bike helmet bonanza

11 years ago
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N.S. is giving 15,000 helmets to children in need

The provincial government is investing $200,000 to purchase 15,000 bicycle helmets for children in need.

The initiative announced today is a joint effort between injury-prevention organizations, paramedics and police.

It's worth it, according to government officials.

"There's a huge burden on the health care system … with a head injury," said Health Minister David Wilson. "The impact of a head injury is in the vicinity of $400,000 to treat that individual."

It's the law in Nova Scotia for people of all ages to wear helmets when bicycling.

There is a minimum fine for not wearing a helmet — $141.16.

The helmets will be distributed by paramedics and police officers, who will be responsible for identifying children in need in their respective communities.

Medical officials say children in Nova Scotia are generally good about wearing helmets, but not perfect.

"There is a whole spectrum of injuries," said Lynne Fenerty with the Queen Elizabeth II Health Sciences Centre. "We have mild head injuries, which really are never a mild issue. Some people suffer headaches right up to the full spectrum of serious headaches."

Paramedics and police officers will be at skate parks and community events this summer handing out the helmets.