Truck that hit woman at Mumford Terminal had just dropped her off

The woman was riding in the transport truck before she was hit, police say.

The woman, who's in her 50s, was taken to hospital with serious injuries, police say

The woman was hit at about 4 p.m. Friday. (Steve Berry/CBC)

A woman who was badly injured at a busy Halifax bus terminal on Friday had just stepped out of the truck that hit her, police say.

Halifax Regional Police said the woman was riding in the truck before it struck her as it pulled away.

The woman, who's in her 50s, knows the driver, police said. She was taken to hospital with serious injuries. 

The truck was pulling a flatbed trailer. A witness at Mumford Terminal said the woman attempted to cross the road where inbound buses arrive, but was caught beneath the trailer's wheels. 

Police shut down the busy transit terminal as they investigated the collision on Friday. (Steve Berry/CBC)

It happened around 4 p.m. 

Some buses had to use alternate stops at the terminal while police investigated, but now operations are back to normal.  

The Mumford Terminal is the third busiest hub in the city and handles nearly 10,000 passengers daily.