Nova Scotia

Cape Breton now has a new mobile command centre

The Cape Breton Regional Municipality now has a custom-built, high-tech mobile command centre to be used in emergency situations by both fire and police services. They previously used a 20-year-old school bus for the job.

Tri-Star in Yarmouth built high-tech unit for use in emergencies

CBRM's mobile command centre will be used by fire, police and emergency services. (George Mortimer/CBC)

The Cape Breton Regional Municipality has acquired a custom-built, high-tech mobile command centre for fire and police services to use in emergency situations.

The unit will allow first responders to deal with any serious situations, natural or man-made, said John Dilney, manager of emergency services for the municipality.

"In each of the compartments, you have a camera that's mounted on the outside that you're able to view on the inside; there's network capability, computer capability, cable, satellite capability.

"Its major function is to bring everyone together in a centralized point to co-ordinate and plan a response to that incident."

'Co-ordination-and-response theme'

The $230,000 centre contains everything from an operations room to a weather station, and a bank of computer stations and work stations. It even has a small kitchen and bathroom.

"It's a co-ordination-and-response theme that the team can come together in a place for a long period of time to co-ordinate a response to that emergency," Dilney said.

Built by Yarmouth company

The command centre is an upgrade, said Shannon Kerr, spokeswoman for Cape Breton Regional Police.

"What they were using prior to this, I believe, was a 1997 Blue Bird school bus. It was time to get something that adequately met the needs of first responders." 

The unit was custom-built by Tri-Star Industries of Yarmouth.