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Assoun case shows police accountability in wrongful convictions lacking: experts

More than a year after a federal report became public revealing that police erased and suppressed evidence that might have freed him, Glen Assoun is wondering whether anyone will be held accountable for his wrongful imprisonment.

Anne McLellan, 1 of 3 commissioners of N.S. mass shooting inquiry, steps down

Anne McLellan has informed the federal and provincial governments that she supports the decision to call a public inquiry, but is unable to commit the time required to carry out an inquiry commissioner's responsibilities.

N.S. mass shooter had hiding spaces for guns, but drug smuggling not verified, say RCMP

RCMP investigators confirmed Thursday that the gunman who went on a rampage in Nova Scotia in April had hidden compartments in buildings and had converted personal assets into "a significant amount" of cash prior to his attacks.

Most ships in Cabot Strait not complying with whale-protection speed limit: study

Advocacy group Oceana Canada released a study on Tuesday indicating that between April 28 and June 15 this year, 67 per cent of vessels — 464 out of 697 studied — were travelling in the Cabot Strait faster than the requested 10-knot limit.

Wording of St. FX COVID-19 waiver to change, says advanced education minister

Nova Scotia's minister of advanced education says changes will be made to a legal waiver students at St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, N.S., were asked to sign before they could attend classes during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nova Scotia MP speaks out on string of abusive calls, veiled threats

A Liberal member of Parliament says she is installing a home security system in response to abusive online and telephone comments received after she advocated for increased gun control and a feminist analysis of the Nova Scotia mass shooting.

Crown says release of N.S. mass shooting details could harm 'massive' probe

Prosecutors are arguing that fully revealing the information used to obtain search warrants following the province's recent mass shooting could compromise the "massive" police investigation and identify innocent parties.

N.S. nurses say pandemic in care homes a 'tragic reminder' of staffing shortages

The Nova Scotia Nurses' Union says COVID-19 infections and deaths in the province's nursing homes have been a tragic reminder of the province's failure to bring in higher staffing levels the union recommended four years ago.

N.S. mass shooting inquiry 'mechanism' done as province, Ottawa finalize details

Nova Scotia's justice minister says most details of a joint federal-provincial inquiry into a mass killing in the province have been finalized.

RCMP delay on street checks apology damaging relations, Black leaders say

The RCMP says the force needs to see a report on street checks by a national commission before issuing an apology. Black community leaders say the force's silence is damaging trust.

Partner of N.S. gunman no longer executor of estate valued at $1.2M

The girlfriend of a gunman who carried out a mass shooting in Nova Scotia has renounced her right to be the executor of his will for an estate initially valued at more than $1.2 million.

Witness said killer in N.S. mass shooting 'recently' acquired gun from friend's estate

A portion of a witness statement released Friday says the gunman who killed 22 people in Nova Scotia had "recently" acquired one of his firearms in Canada from the estate of a friend who died.

Family says 'back and forth' between N.S., Ottawa over shooting probe 'unreal'

A Nova Scotia family has made a passionate appeal for the federal and Nova Scotia governments to end the "back and forth" over which should lead a public inquiry into a recent mass shooting.

Some forms of coercion should be made criminal in wake of N.S. mass shooting, experts say

The repeated threats and isolation a Nova Scotia mass shooter allegedly used against his spouse show why such cruelty should be a criminal offence in Canada, experts on domestic violence say.

Trudeau avoids promising federal inquiry into N.S. shooting rampage

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau won't commit to a federal inquiry into the recent Nova Scotia shootings, even as the province's premier continues to say it's up to Ottawa to take the lead.