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Teen allegedly brutalized says she thought she found Prince Charming

A woman the prosecution alleges Michael Kobylanski sexually assaulted, choked and threatened to kill told a jury Monday she thought she had found her Prince Charming when the two met in 2014.

Warning: This story contains graphic details

The trial for Michael Kobylanski heard graphic testimony Monday from the woman who was allegedly sexually assaulted, beaten and threatened. (Robert Short/CBC)

A woman who was allegedly sexually assaulted, choked and threatened told a jury Monday she thought she had found her Prince Charming when she met Michael Kobylanski in 2014.

The Dartmouth businessman is being tried before a Nova Scotia Supreme Court judge and jury in Halifax. He faces six charges, including sexual assault with a weapon, choking, uttering death threats and assault.

The complainant cannot be identified due to the nature of the alleged crime.

'I thought it was the end'

The woman, who was 17 at the time of alleged offences, testified Kobylanski wrapped her in a vapour barrier, tightly wrapped a belt around her neck, sexually assaulted her with a wooden hammer and forced her to drink his urine during sex.

Kobylanski, she said, also threatened to write a suicide note to her family so no one would come looking for her.

"I thought it was the end," said the woman, who is now 20.

"He told me he did not want to get blood all over his walls."

The woman testified the relationship didn't have such a violent beginning. 

Falling in love

The complainant said she fell in love with Kobylanski at a point in her life when she was having trouble with two boyfriends.

She said the boyfriends didn't treat her well, but Kobylanski was always there for her.

"He turned into a really good friend. I was trying not to get feelings with him. I fell in love with him," she told the court. "He treated me good, he treated me like a gentleman. He cared about my feelings."

She testified she was hired by Kobylanski to work at his business in 2014.

Accused 'wanted more'

Initially, she was paid $50 a week in cash. Under this arrangement, the woman worked 25 hours and agreed to have sex with Kobylanski once a week, "but he wanted more."

Kobylanski and the woman ended up having sex three to four times a week in the business's storage room and washroom, his car and eventually his Halifax home, she said.

A few months later, she got a $50 increase per week in pay.

She said she kept their relationship a secret because she knew her family would not approve given Kobylanski's age, and the fact he had a girlfriend and a child.

Kobylanski was in his mid-30s at the time and had told the young woman he was in an open relationship with his girlfriend, the complainant said.

Death threat

She testified things changed with Kobylanski after she cheated on him at a party.

Around Christmas 2014, he slapped her across the face with an open hand.

"The slap was enough to shock me," she said.

She also said he pushed her face against his car window during a drive.

"He said he would kill me if I ever left him. He said he was giving me a choice," she testified.

Escalating violence

There were several more altercations after the woman cheated with another man during a trip to the Dominican Republic, she said.

Kobylanski repeatedly questioned her about the trip and became increasingly angry because he thought she was lying.

"I think it broke him, me being unfaithful," she told the court.

She described her relationship with Kobylanski as going from healthy to "something hideous" because he was jealous and did not trust her.

In another alleged incident, court heard, Kobylanski punched, kicked and hit the woman in her legs, chests and arms in his apartment because she refused to answer any more questions about the trip.

"He kicked me on the side of the head and knocked me over," the woman testified.

"I would cry and he would tell me to stop crying because if you act like a victim, you're going to be a victim."

Begging for her life

When the woman broke up with Kobylanski and was about to leave his home, she alleged he came after her with a butcher knife.

"I was begging him please don't kill me," the woman said.

"He asked, 'Do you want to stay with me or do you want to leave me?'"

When she tried to leave the apartment, she said he grabbed a hammer, brought her back and told her she was not leaving alive.

When Crown attorney Susan MacKay asked the woman why she didn't leave Kobylanski, the complainant replied: "I promised him I'd stay with him forever, I promised I would marry him."

Kobylanski bought the woman an engagement ring at a pawn shop but he later threw it down a sewer, court heard.

The trial continues Tuesday.

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