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Mice drive Glace Bay woman out of her home

A Glace Bay woman says an infestation of mice has driven her out of her rented home.

Mice droppings are everywhere in rented house

Linda Young and her son have moved out their rented house because of an infestation of mice. (CBC)

A Glace Bay woman says an infestation of mice has driven her out of her rented home.

There's hardly a room in Linda Young's home that doesn't have signs of mice. The droppings are in closets and cupboards, and even in the stove.

Although the mice are easy to catch, there seems to be no end to them.

"It started a few months ago and I didn't really think it was that…dangerous having a few mice around. Then, when my little boy woke up with one in his bed, yelling, I went running. And that's when I decided to make some calls," Young said.

She phoned Poison Control and was told the mice were a health risk and it wasn't safe for her and her son to live in the house.

Around the middle of February, she told the landlord they were leaving. When she returned several days later, a sign was on the door and she could not get in.

Landlord Llewellyn Shepard said he put up the sign.

These are some of the mouse droppings in Linda Young's house. (CBC)

"That's why she informed me that she left, so I put the sign on the door indicating that this premises is not fit for human habitation as reported by the tenant," he said.

Shepard said it was his understanding that Young had left and were looking for a new place to live.

He said the mouse problem was of their own making with food being left around the house and yard and a basement window left partially open for a long period of time.

Young eventually got back into the home for her belongings. She says she didn't intend to be gone for good and expected the landlord to get rid of the mice.

Shepard said that would take weeks and the mice would likely return if conditions around the home were the same as before.

Meanwhile, Young and her seven-year-old son are staying with relatives while they look for a new place. She said the landlord should refund half a month's rent as the house wasn't fit to live in.

Shepard said he won't refund her two weeks rent because he believed she had left for good.

Young said that without the money, she can't get another apartment or move her belongings.