Nova Scotia

Medical marijuana a major headache for neighbour

A woman in Glace Bay, Nova Scotia says the smell of her neighbour's medical marijuana is ruining her life.

Cape Breton woman says smell from legal grow operation is unbearable

A woman in Glace Bay, Nova Scotia says the smell of her neighbour’s medical marijuana is ruining her life.

The woman shares a company house with a man who is growing medical marijuana. She says her home smells like pot all the time.

The CBC has agreed not to use the woman’s name so her house won’t be a target for thieves.

She said the odor gives her headaches and makes her nauseous.

"Everyone believes that we are a problem, or druggies, or dopeheads because it’s all over our clothes," she said.

"It’s like a wall when you open our front door, so any child or parent that sells us a dollar ticket believes there’s something going on in here inside the home."

Even when she’s out of the house, there’s no escape. She said her family, including her teenaged daughter, constantly smell like they've been smoking pot.

Following the rules

The neighbour told CBC he has a licence from Health Canada to grow marijuana and he’s following the rules.

A bylaw inspector from Cape Breton Regional Municipality visited the home. Richard Wadden said the grow operation is confined to one room.

"The room was totally sealed off," Wadden said. "There was very good ventilation. In fact, walking into the house we couldn’t even smell the marijuana."

The woman disagrees. She has complained to a variety of government departments, but they’ve told her there’s nothing they can do because the grow op is legal.

There’s no bylaw in CBRM that covers offensive odors.

The woman said she will hire a lawyer to fight the matter in court.

With files from Wendy Martin