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Mattea Roach hits 22nd Jeopardy! win, gets shout-out in House of Commons

The Canadian champion breezed through her 22nd win on the same day Halifax MP Andy Fillmore stood up in the House of Commons to pay tribute to the quiz whiz — in perfect Jeopardy! style.

Roach easily clinched another victory Wednesday, bringing her total winnings to $534,984 US

Mattea Roach lives in Toronto, where she attended university, but her family lives in Halifax. The 23-year-old passed the half-million-dollar mark in winnings earlier this week. (Jeopardy Productions, Inc.)

Canadian champion Mattea Roach breezed through her 22nd win on Jeopardy! by answering a clue Wednesday about American history on the same day she was given a special shout-out in the House of Commons.

Roach has now amassed $534,984 US, or approximately $681,484 Cdn.

The 23-year-old Nova Scotia native entered Final Jeopardy with a commanding lead over the only remaining competitor, Jaime Sisson of Mississippi. The third contestant, Kelly Flynn of New Hampshire, failed to make the last round.

The final clue was: "A Union soldiers' song said Gen. McClellan, who let a Confederate army escape after this battle, 'was too slow to beat 'em.'"

"What is Antietam?" both Roach and Sisson guessed correctly. 

While Sisson doubled her winnings to $13,200 US with a make-it-or-break-it bet, Roach wagered $0.

"I made perhaps the most responsible wager of all," said Roach with a laugh after host Ken Jennings noted the champ typically makes "respectable, responsible" bets.

Despite that zero-dollar wager, Roach handily beat Sisson, finishing the game with $28,400 US. 

The Toronto-based tutor holds the record for the longest winning streak of any Canadian on the quiz show and has booted Julia Collins out of fifth place for the longest Jeopardy! winning streak.

During Wednesday's episode, Jennings noted that Roach "is having a remarkable run."

Halifax MP Andy Fillmore stood up in the House of Commons earlier in the day to pay tribute to the quiz whiz — in perfect Jeopardy! style.

Halifax MP Andy Fillmore delivers a passionate tribute to Roach in the House of Commons on Wednesday. (House of Commons)

"Mr. Speaker, I'll take record-breaking Canadians for $2,000. Answer: With 21 consecutive wins and counting, totalling over half a million dollars, she is the most successful Canadian to ever win on Jeopardy!," Fillmore said Wednesday. "The question: Who is Mattea Roach?"

Fillmore mentioned Roach's former school, Sacred Heart School of Halifax, and also spoke of her tutoring work in Toronto. He said people across the country have been cheering her on.

"I'd wager all the Daily Double that there's still much more to come. Way to go, Mattea!" he said.

Roach's next Jeopardy! appearance is scheduled for Thursday.