Nova Scotia

Marty Leger search called off in Waverley

The search for missing mountain biker Marty Leger was called off Tuesday evening.

Leger did not return home after going mountain biking last Thursday

Helicopters arrive for another day of searching for Marty Leger. 0:18

The search for missing mountain biker Marty Leger was called off Tuesday evening. 

RCMP Superintendent Roland Wells said the big, multi-day search effort in the Waverley area of Nova Scotia had not found Leger. 

“The decision to end any search is extremely difficult,” he said.

“I want to extend my heartfelt sympathy towards the Leger family in their time of grieving. I also want to extend sincere thanks to all of the volunteers who came out to assist us in this search. Your dedication, support and determination are an inspiration.”

About 450 search and rescue volunteers scoured the area for Leger. 

Tom Dyer of Chester Basin spoke earlier in the day about helping with the search in the woods all of Tuesday morning.

"It’s very rough. A lot of shrub brush keeps hanging around your legs. Lots of dead falls, boulders you have to climb over," he said. 

He said they've even had to scale nine metre cliffs as part of the search.

"You sit there and think there’s no way the person could be here, but you've got to eliminate it and be positive that the person you’re searching for isn’t in that area," he said early Tuesday.

"Usually it’s the roughest stuff you’ve got to go through."

Leger's car was found parked near the trail head leading to the Spider Lake trails Thursday evening after he failed to return home. 

Since then, dozens of search crews from across the Maritimes, as well as about 250 members of the military have joined the search.

RCMP Cpl. Scott MacRae said some searchers suffered injuries due to the difficult terrain. He said crews were exhausted.  

The search zone was 80-square kilometres, most of it dense woods and rough terrain.

One helicopter pilot assisting in the search told CBC News it was the largest search party he has been a part of in 10 years.  

Police had said they were looking for a man they believe was in the same area as Leger around the time he disappeared. They said the man has come forward and was questioned. 

Police are asking anyone who might have seen Leger before he disappeared to contact them.