Nova Scotia

Map mistake could delay Valley emergency services

A glitch in a Nova Scotia map has Annapolis Valley residents worried emergency service's won't be able to find them in a crisis.

Error turns woods trail into road

An error in a Nova Scotia map has an Annapolis Valley resident worried emergency services won't be able to find him in a crisis.

Erling Alstrup, a retiree, lives in the Outram area near the Bay of Fundy. When he moved there five years ago, he quickly noticed his road was different from what appeared on most maps.

Google Maps shows Eliot Road running straight through to West Lawrencetown, but in reality a section of that is a narrow horse trail through the woods.

"I've had numerous people going to my place that have had problems and I have had many tourists that have stopped to get directions because GPS units are faulty," he said Friday.

He worries that in an emergency, EHS crews won't be able to find him."It could make a big difference — between life and death."

Alstrup raised his concerns to Google. "Their answer to me was we only publish what the county of Annapolis supplies us, therefore we're not about to change it because you're complaining," he said.

Alstrup then went to the county office in Lawrencetown to look at the official map. It also shows Eliot Road continuing through to West Lawrencetown.

RCMP say glitch delays response times

Annapolis County RCMP said they are aware of the problem. In fact, new officers are told not to rely on their GPS systems because even if the map shows there's a road, it may not be as it appears.

"We work quite well with our EHS folks and there are times when they may have difficulty finding an address. They'll call upon us and we'll assist them," said Cpl. Dale Guy.

"There are some cases in which we're both headed to a call. We may ask for their assistance in finding the right location."

Guy said the issue may have delayed response times in some cases.

Annapolis County declined an on-camera interview, but emailed CBC News a statement.

"The county has never received a complaint regarding this issue. We strongly encourage our residents to contact the municipal office or the councillor of their area if they have any concerns," it said.