Nova Scotia

Man faces charges after trying to steal truck while owner was pumping gas into it

The 63-year-old vehicle owner fought with the would-be thief and, with help of another customer, held him until police arrived.

63-year-old owner fought with would-be thief and helped hold him until police arrived

A man was pumping gas when another man hopped in the front seat and tried to start the car, police say. (Graham Hughes/Canadian Press)

A man is facing a string of charges after he allegedly tried to steal a man's truck while the owner was pumping gas into it.

Halifax police say the owner of the Toyota Tundra was fuelling his truck at the Esso station on Young Street in Halifax at about 7:30 a.m. on Saturday when a man hopped into the front seat and tried to start the vehicle with keys that were left inside.

The 63-year-old owner grabbed the man and hauled him out of the truck and the two started fighting. 

A third man, a customer at the gas station, saw the commotion and came over to help.

The owner of the vehicle and the customer managed to hold the would-be thief until police officers arrived.

Halifax police Staff Sgt. Carolyn Nichols said the man resisted arrest, fighting with officers and kicking one of them.

Nichols said the incident is "not an everyday occurrence."

"You wouldn't expect that somebody would get in the vehicle when you're pumping the gas and standing right there," she said. "But luckily he was able to get hold of him before he could drive off."

The owner of the vehicle suffered non-life-threatening injuries in the altercation.

A 31-year-old man is in custody.