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Man who was Tasered by Halifax police recounts incident to review board

The man testified that he doesn’t know why police arrested him on Quinpool Road in Halifax in December 2019.

HRP officer appealing discipline she received after the arrest to review board

Police have said one of the officers Tasered the man to restrain him and carry out an arrest after the man allegedly assaulted an officer. (Name withheld by request)

A man who was Tasered by Halifax police during a traffic stop on Quinpool Road two years ago has testified he doesn't know why he was arrested after a minor traffic incident.

The man, Clinton Fraser, testified Wednesday at a police review board hearing. Const. Nicole Green of the Halifax Regional Police is appealing a disciplinary decision in the arrest.

Fraser filed a complaint against Green after he was arrested in December 2019.

At the time of the arrest, investigators said Fraser was Tasered after assaulting an officer, but an internal Halifax Regional Police investigation ended with Green being disciplined. The summary offence ticket issued against Fraser was dropped.

Green's lawyer, Brian Bailey, said he could not clarify exactly what discipline Green faced. 

Fraser was driving his truck in December 2019 when he turned right from Monastery Lane onto Quinpool Road in Halifax and tried to merge into a line of traffic that was backed up due to construction.

That's where Fraser's account and Green's account of what happened differ.

Fraser said he didn't hit any vehicles with his truck, while police said his truck struck two other vehicles.

Green wrote Fraser a ticket, and Fraser got out of his truck to take pictures of the vehicle for his insurance company. 

A lawyer for Green suggested during the hearing that Fraser became upset and started yelling about the ticket, after which officers arrested Fraser for breaching the peace. Green's lawyer also suggested Fraser was angry at the officer and could have been a threat to her.

Fraser told the hearing he was upset about receiving the ticket but didn't threaten anyone.

Lawyer Brian Bailey, left, who represents Const. Nicole Green, speaks to opposing counsel at the police review board. Board members John Withrow, Jean McKenna, and Peter Mancini are seen in the background. (Shaina Luck/CBC)

Surveillance video shown at the hearing showed Fraser being taken to the pavement of Quinpool Road by four officers.

Fraser told the hearing he did not want to see the video and paused to collect himself emotionally before it was played. Fraser testified he questioned why officers gave him a ticket and let the other cars in the incident go, and he wondered if it was because he is a Black man.

Staff Sgt. Ross Burt, who carried out the internal investigation into Fraser's complaint, testified that a Taser used in the incident was discharged five times.


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