Nova Scotia

Man sentenced in Halifax barbershop shooting

A man convicted of shooting another man in a Halifax barbershop in 2009 was sentenced Thursday to 13.5 years.

A man convicted of shooting another man in a Halifax barbershop in 2009 was sentenced Thursday to 13 and a half years.

Germaine Beals was caught on surveillance video at Cousins Barbershop getting up from a chair, walking up to victim Devlin Glasgow and shooting Glasgow in the face with a handgun.

Glasgow survived.

CBC News has exclusive video of Glasgow being shot at point blank range in December 2009.

In the video, the victim runs for help and seconds later Beals takes off.

People are scrambling and an eight-year-old boy quickly walked away from the scene.

For the attempted murder, Beals was handed a sentence of 13 and a half years and got double credit for the two years he's already served.

That leaves the 27-year-old with a sentence of nine years and seven months.

Crown attorney Shauna Macdonald wanted a longer sentence of 13 to 15 years.

"There has been a proliferation of gunplay in public places lately in Halifax and we know the citizens are concerned about that and we're concerned about that obviously," she told CBC News.

Eight months before this shooting, Beals had been released from prison for aggravated assault.

In the minutes before the shooting, he's twice seen brushing his hair, appearing relaxed.

Beals' lawyer, Kevin Burke, says his client deserves a second chance.

"Rehabilitation, which I believe should be present for all offenders, no matter how bad they are, otherwise it's a bigger problem down the road."

It's not clear what led to Beals to pull the trigger because the victim wouldn't co-operate with police.

Glasgow, who was wearing a bulletproof vest, ran to a nearby Petro Canada gas station for help, bullet fragments in his face.

Beals nodded in agreement with Judge Anne Derrick when she said she believed he wanted to be a better person for his young daughter.