Nova Scotia

Man had been in custody while sought by police

A man arrested following a six-hour standoff with Halifax police on Saturday had been released from police custody days earlier after presenting fake ID.

A man arrested following a six-hour standoff with Halifax police on Saturday had been in custody while police were searching for him but was releasedafter presenting fake ID.

Halifax Regional Police had been looking for James Bernard Melvin since mid-June for breaking a court-imposed curfew.

On June 23, police asked for the public's help, describingthe 24-year-old as dangerous and possibly armed. But Melvin had been in RCMP custody in Digby only hours earlier, following a bar fight.

Both heand another manhad false identification that checked out, so they were released, said RCMP Sgt. Frank Skidmore.

"Mr. Melvin, who at that time was assuming a different identification, he was turned over to the Integrated Major Crime Unit, and they took it from there," he said.

It was thatunitthat was looking for Melvin.

In addition to being wanted for violating the curfew, Melvin was considered a person of interest in the June 20 shooting death of Wayne Nicholas Marriott in Beechville.

False ID, changed appearance cited

"He was with our investigators," said Theresa Brien, spokeswoman for Halifax Regional Police.

"At the time we weren't aware it was him due to a number of factors, including changes to his appearance, as well as the information he provided to police."

Brien said she cannot say why Melvin was transferred to Halifax after the bar fight, or why investigators wanted to talk to him.

Melvin was arrested Saturday night —nine days after he was released in Digby —following a six-hour standoff with police at a Bedford motel.

At a court appearance Tuesday in Halifax, he pleaded guilty to breaching a recognizance and was sentenced to three months in jail.

Melvin is now accused of using a fake ID, and is expected to face an obstruction charge.