Nova Scotia

Man forced to drive 3 people from Windsor to Halifax

A man was forced by three people out of his Windsor home Friday evening and was made to drive the suspects to Halifax.

RCMP stop car, force suspects out at gunpoint

A man was forced out of his Windsor home by three people Friday evening and made to drive them to Halifax.

Two men and one youth assaulted the 23-year-old man and demanded cash, then forced him into his car to drive them to Halifax at about 9:30 p.m.

Allegedly, the drive to Halifax was so that the victim could buy the trio firearms, RCMP say.

The victim seized an opportunity to call for help while the culprits weren't paying attention while getting in and out of the car.

"During this getting in and out of the car, the victim managed to dial 911, which left an open line and that allowed police to track the vehicle to Highway 101, where we performed high risk stop, pulled the car over, and took the three suspects out at gunpoint. They were all taken into custody without incident," Cpl. Scott MacRae said.

The car was just heading out of Windsor when the arrest was made, he said.

The suspects, aged 36, 19 and 17, are in custody and due in court on Monday.

They did not have a weapon and the victim wasn't injured.

MacRae believes it was likely not a random incident.