Nova Scotia

Man arrested after 375 pot plants seized

A 37-year-old man from Prospect, N.S., is facing charges of marijuana production and theft of electricity after a raid this weekend.

A 37-year-old man from Prospect, N.S., faces charges of marijuana production and electricity theft after police raided a large grow-op in Bedford overnight Saturday.

RCMP said they seized 375 marijuana plants from above a car repair shop in an industrial building on Bluewater Road.

This was the second major bust in three days in Nova Scotia. On Friday, police seized more than 200 plants from a home in Lakeview, near Lower Sackville.

Staff Sgt. Roddie MacDonald, the federal drug co-ordinator for the RCMP, said the Bedford operation had more marijuana plants than typical grow-ops.

"The normal, or the typical grow-op, around these areas are 50,100,150 to 200 maybe," MacDonald said. "So, you know, 375 marijuana plants — this is a large grow and it was very sophisticated."

"Someone with 375 marijuana plants, it's definitely not for personal use. This would be harvested and sold at a high level so there would have to be some organized crime component."

MacDonald said police secured the building Saturday night, but investigators did not take an inventory of the drugs until Sunday morning for safety reasons.

"We found hazardous electrical wiring," he said, describing bare wires resting against wood. "This put the other tenants in the complex at great risk for fires."

The man will be in court in May.