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Maker of viral dog video gives to needy animals

The Halifax man who created the viral video about a hungry dog being teased about bacon has taken the franchise to another level by giving all proceeds made from the video to needy animals.

Halifax man who created Ultimate Dog Tease aids SPCA cruelty probes

The Halifax man who created a viral video about a hungry dog being teased about bacon has taken the franchise to another level by giving all off-shoot proceeds to needy animals.

All proceeds from Andrew Grantham's Talking Animals merchandise website go to the Nova Scotia SPCA. (YouTube)

Andrew Grantham's Ultimate Dog Tease video, which imagines a German shepherd frustrated by his owner's food-related taunting, was the second most-viewed clip around the globe in 2011, with more than 82 million views, according to YouTube.

Grantham adds voiceovers to home videos of family pets, with funny results, including a new video about the 12 Days of Christmas, animal-style.

But this wasn't enough for him, so he opened a website and sold T-shirts, hoodies, even pillowcases on his website Talking Animals.

Andrew Grantham, the man behind the viral video of a talking dog, has given all proceeds from merchandise to the Nova Scotia SPCA. (CBC)

All the proceeds from Grantham's online merchandise sales go to the Halifax SPCA to help with animal cruelty investigations in Nova Scotia.

To date, he has given $25,000 to the cause.

The SPCA in Nova Scotia received more than 18,000 cruelty complaints this year alone. As a result, more than 1,500 animals were seized, accounting for 30 per cent of all animals brought to the SPCA in Nova Scotia this year.

Diane MacDougall, director of marketing and fund development for the Nova Scotia SPCA, said the number of cruelty complaints in Nova Scotia is on the rise.

Diane MacDougall of the Nova Scotia SPCA says the number of cruelty animal complaints is on the rise. (CBC)

"Andrew came to us at the SPCA looking to give back to help the animals in Nova Scotia in some way," MacDougall said. "Someone like Andrew helps us to do that work. Without him, we wouldn't be able to continue."

Grantham is almost shy talking about the success of the video and the good it has done for the SPCA.

"Well, I knew that the SPCA deals with a lot of cases with animals who need help," Grantham said. "Pretty much they are the go-to people of all these animals in need. I thought if I am to support anyone it should be these folks."