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Mainland Common dog park should open by Dec. 31

Construction is underway on the off-leash dog park that will replace the one in Africville Park.

Africville Park will become an on-leash area for pets

Halifax Regional Council voted to decommission the off-leash park at Africville Park. Dogs like Ninja will still be able to go to Africville Park, but must remain on-leash. (Stephanie VanKampen/CBC)

Construction is underway on the off-leash dog park that will replace the one in Africville Park.

The new park is being built at the Halifax Mainland Common in Clayton Park.

“The first phase of the new public space is expected to open no later than Dec. 31,” said Halifax spokeswoman Jennifer Stairs.

Over the next few weeks, city crews will build a new entry gate, pathway, seating and tables inside the existing fenced portion of the off-leash park.

After that, crews will start on the second phase, which entails bringing in machinery to clear out some trees, deadwood and underbrush in the nearby wooded areas to create paths.

“Dogs will still be permitted in Africville Park after the off-leash area is closed, as long as they are on a leash and accompanied by their owner,” Stairs added.

In 2002, the former Africville location was declared a National Historic Site.

In 2010, former residents of the bulldozed community received an official apology from then mayor of Halifax, Peter Kelly.

Seaview Park was transferred to the community and renamed Africville Park in 2011.

In 2012, the community opened a replica of the historic Africville Church with a museum inside with exhibits portraying what life was like in Africville from the start of the community in the 1800s to the eviction of its residents in the 1960s.


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