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2 large sculptures stolen from Lunenburg artist's window display

Lunenburg District RCMP are on the hunt for two stolen sculptures, a 23-kilogram bronze hare and a plaster figure of a reclining woman. They were stolen from artist Chippie Kennedy's window display earlier this month.

RCMP say they're still looking for the culprit

This plaster sculpture of a woman reclining is three-quarters life size and has been missing since April 7. (Chippie Kennedy/Facebook)

Police in Lunenburg, N.S., are on the hunt for two stolen sculptures, including a 23-kilogram bronze hare, that were snatched from an artist's window display earlier this month.

The sculptures were made by Chippie Kennedy, who said the thief, or thieves, used the cover of a toilet tank to smash the glass and grab the items. 

Kennedy was expecting to sell her bronze hare for about $25,000. (Chippie Kennedy/Facebook)

"I was just completely stunned," Kennedy told CBC Radio's Information Morning on Thursday. "It's just such a bizarre, random act of vandalism in a sleepy little town like Lunenburg."

The bronze hare was on its way to an art gallery, and Kennedy said the retail value is about $25,000. Kennedy doesn't have a mould of the second sculpture, a plaster figure of a woman reclining, so that item is irreplaceable, she said.

Given the size and weight of the sculptures, she believes more than one person was involved. 

Lunenburg District RCMP said the theft happened overnight on April 7, and they're still looking for the culprit.

"RCMP believe that these items are recognizable and due to their uniqueness they would not be a possession that members of the public would possess in their home," police said in a statement.

Kennedy suspects the stolen sculptures will be sold somewhere outside the town, or melted down.

Neither of the pieces are insured.

"Unfortunately the art that I do is not insurable, unless it's formally appraised by an appraisal house," she said. 

There's a large window at the front of Kennedy's studio on Falkland Street where she displays a rotating slate of artwork for passersby to enjoy.

She doesn't have a security camera, but that will change now.

"It's very much an art town, so I think everybody is going to be very watchful going forward," Kennedy said.

Police ask for public's help

The theft happened nearly three weeks ago, and Kennedy said she's starting to lose hope that she'll ever see her artwork again.

"All I can hope is whoever has it, if they haven't melted them down, are going to enjoy them," she said. 

Police are asking anyone with information to contact Lunenburg District RCMP at 902-634-8674. People can also make an anonymous tip to Nova Scotia Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 or online at

Just before Easter, thieves smashed through the window of Chippie Kennedy's art studio in Lunenburg. They made off with two of her sculptures worth thousands of dollars, a hare made in bronze and a reclining figure of a woman made of plaster. Hear what happened.

With files from CBC Radio's Information Morning