Nova Scotia

Luna the Austrian runaway dog found

An Austrian family's missing dog has been found safe after she ran off scared from fireworks in Halifax on Sunday.

An Austrian family's missing dog has been found safe after being missing for several days in Halifax.

Luna, a three-year-old golden retriever ran away from her owners on Sunday night when she got spooked by Natal Day fireworks.

"I feel so good, it is really great," owner Monika Wartbichler said Wednesday on the phone to CBC News from her home in Austria. "I am so so so so happy."

"Unbelievable," added her husband, Siegfried.

The Wartbichlers and their two sons were at the end of their vacation when Luna ran off. They tried to book a later flight in hopes of finding the dog, but weren't able to do so.

They were heartbroken to head back to Austria Monday without their beloved pet.

Paul Chavy-Waddy said he was walking along the tracks near Tower Road in the south-end of Halifax Wednesday when he saw a dog lying on the ground. He hadn't heard Luna's story when he found her.

"She wasn't walking, she had bloody paws, she was extremely wet," Chavy-Waddy said. "It looked like she might've slid down the rocky slope near the tracks during the lightning storm or something."

Chavy-Waddy then called his friend, Ben Snair, for help.

"I was just home eating lunch when Paul called me and said, 'What would you do if you found a sick dog?' and I said, 'I feel like this isn't a hypothetical question,'" Snair said.

"I went and picked him up and we rolled the dog onto a blanket and we ended up carrying her off the tracks into my car."

They dropped her off at the Quinpool Road Veterinary Clinic. A call to the owners confirmed the dog's microchip number.

Dr. Kelly McInnis said while Luna hasn't been X-rayed yet, it appears to be just the surfaces of her foot pads that are hurt.

"She was quite wet and muddy, but the technicians dried her off and cleaned her up and gave her treats and water and she was quite happy. Not a good night for a dog out in the rain," said McInnis.

The Wartbichlers are arranging to fly from Austria to Halifax Thursday to be reunited with Luna.

"Thank you so much to all people in Halifax," said Monika Wartbichler. "I thank you so much."