Nova Scotia

Lotto 6/49 win brings more good to Nova Scotia woman's fortune

Helen Fortune of Oxford, N.S. wins LOTTO 6/49's guaranteed $1 million prize in the June 17 draw.

'My daughter could hear me screaming from the other room'

Fortune is truly the name of the game for a Cumberland County woman who won the Lotto 6/49 $1 million prize in the June 17 draw.

"My daughter could hear me screaming from the other room," Helen Fortune of Oxford Junction, N.S. said in a news release from the Atlantic Lottery Corp. on Tuesday. "I think she thought I wanted her to come and kill a spider."

Fortune said she and her daughter reviewed the numbers on the ticket and compared them to the winning numbers at

She bought the ticket at the Circle K in Oxford where she works. The store's owner will receive a one-per-cent seller's prize.

"I kept seeing zeros. First, I thought it was a thousand dollars.... and then $100,000 dollars," she said. "When I figured out it was a million, I thought I was going to faint. It's just surreal."

Fortune and her husband, Fred, are planning to use the money to buy a new house, pay off bills and help family members.

"But the first priority is a new washing machine," she said.

The lottery corporation said the woman used the Retailer Play button that indicates the ticket purchase has been made by a lottery retailer or a retail employee. As part of Atlantic Lottery's player protection mechanisms, retailers are considered a related party and are subject to a 30-day wait period unless their ticket purchases are stamped using the retailer play button. 


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