Nova Scotia

Lottery-winning N.S. couple facing cancer

Allen and Violet Large of Lower Truro, N.S., won $11.2 million in the lottery, but the most important event in their lives right now is Violet's cancer.

Nova Scotians Allen and Violet Large are millionaires thanks to their recent Lotto 6-49 win, but there's only one thing Allen wishes he could buy with his winnings.

"For Violet to be healthy," he said, choking up.

Allen, 75, and Violet, 78, won $11.2-million on July 14 and vow their lives won't change because of the windfall. Before their lottery win, the Larges were dealing with another life changing event: Violet has cancer.

Violet heads to Halifax next week for more chemotherapy and then surgery.

"I'm very fortunate there, because I've had treatments," she said. "But I haven't been sick. I'm not bed fast. So I'm very fortunate."

The Larges, who live in Lower Truro and bought their ticket in Truro, said they won't be the type of lottery winners who burn through their cash.

"A lot of people let [it] go right to their heads and they buy this and they buy that and they're broke before they know it," Allen said.

But he has no intention of changing his ways. "I'm still the stubborn old bugger I always was."

Violet said they intend to spread the money around.

"It's going to the churches, it's going to the cemeteries," she said. "Family comes first, and then it's going to the cancer, naturally, and it's going to the heart and stroke, it's going to the hospital. And the fire brigade, they get some too."

Violet said she is well aware that some unscrupulous people will be looking for ways to get a share of that money.

"And we're not going to put up with anything, with these crooked ones who know you when you have something and they don't know you when you have nothing," she said.

Perhaps to that end, the telephone has been ringing constantly since the big win.

"That bloody thing," Allen said. "I'm going to cut the wires off pretty soon."

The Larges say they have often given to others when they were in need, and now people are calling to say the couple are deserving winners.

Said Violet, "That makes you feel good, that's for sure."