Nova Scotia

Lockview High School in Fall River hit by vandals

For the second time in a month, a school in Fall River, N.S., has been hit by vandals.

Words and images were spray-painted both inside and outside of a wooden portable used by the football team

For the second time in a month, a school in Fall River, Nova Scotia has been hit by vandals. (CBC)

For the second time in a month, a school in Fall River, N.S., has been hit by vandals.

RCMP say they were called to Lockview High School around 8:30 a.m. Sunday to investigate a break-in at a portable building on school grounds that is used during football season.

Officers found red and black graffiti spray-painted on the walls of the building.

RCMP say it appears the vandals somehow breached the chain link fence that surrounds the school to get at the portable building. They also say some items left at the scene have been seized.

Football coach Ian Avery says he discovered the graffiti Sunday. When he arrived at the building, he found foul language and images — including a swastika — spray-painted both outside and inside the wooden structure.

"Pretty disappointing, it's discouraging to see what's in here," he said. "You can handle a little bit of graffiti and some vandalism once in a while, like a broken window, but this is over the top."

Avery says what was most disturbing to him was the use of the swastika.

"That's the shocking part of it. You can handle some of the curse words, but when you see the Nazi swastikas and the text, it's really surprising that goes on today," he said.

Avery also discovered a bag inside the building that he suspects was filled with items stolen from vehicles in the area. He says inside the bag were small amounts of cash and cell phone accessories.

The school's football season starts in two weeks and Avery says the cleanup has already started.

"The trailer's not much, but it's home for the high school team," he said.

He says the main Lockview High School building has security cameras and didn't appear damaged.

Earlier this month, vandals were responsible for more than $9,000 in damage and 26 smashed windows at Ash Lee Jefferson Elementary School, just down the road from Lockview High.

At that time, Mounties said window screens were sliced, three portable toilets were demolished and graffiti was sprayed on the school's walls and doors between July 13 and July 17.


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