Nova Scotia

Lobster traps in Petit-de-Grat found cut, police say

Police in Petit-de-Grat are investigating several cases of lobster traps that were found cut, only months after the 'murder for lobster' trial.

RCMP investigating dozens of lobster traps that were found cut

Margaret Rose, the sister of Phillip Boudreau, says the community hasn't learned its lesson about possible repercussions of cutting traps. (CBC)

Police in Petit-de-Grat are investigating several new cases of lobster traps being cut. 

This new investigation takes place only months after the 'murder for lobster' trial, which shocked the Cape Breton community. 

RCMP say there is no evidence to connect this incident with the Phillip Boudreau case.

After the trial, James Landry was sentenced to 14 years in prison for the death of Boudreau, who was murdered after being accused of cutting traps.

Phillip Boudreau's sister, Margaret Rose, says for the town, cutting traps is just business as usual.

"I am not surprised because this is something that has been going on for decades in this community," she said.

"People have not been taught a lesson by cutting these traps, because with the murder of my brother not that far off and the trials that are not even over yet … I think it's frivolous messing around with other people's gear."

Boudreau said her greatest fear is that another person gets hurt, or worse, over this pattern of behaviour. 

"I am afraid that it's going to happen again and in the near future, and it depends on who you're messing with because some people will have the guts to do it." 


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