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Nova Scotia pair's 80-year marriage recognized by faith group

It seems everybody wants to know Liverpool, N.S., couple Bill and Bertie Nickerson's secret.

'I said, "Oh my soul, that lady is perfect,"' says Bill Nickerson

Bertie and Bill Nickerson were married in 1935. (CBC)

After 80 years of marriage, it seems everybody wants to know Liverpool, N.S., couple Bill and Bertie Nickerson's secret. 

"I don't think it's anything exceptional, I just think we lived so long," said Bill. "Everybody wants to know what's special about it, just that I love her, we get along so well together." 

The couple has now been named Canada's longest married pair by Worldwide Marriage Encounter Canada, a faith-based pro-marriage movement. 

In a news release, the organization said it started the Longest Married Couple promotion to highlight the values of marriage and show marriage can last. 

Bill and Bertie were married on Dec. 2, 1935, a week after Bertie's 18th birthday. Bill is now 101 and Bertie is 98.

Bill said he knew he wanted to marry Bertie the first time he saw her. 

"When I saw her, I don't know something happened, I had such a heart attack I said, 'Oh my soul, that lady is perfect.'" 

The couple dated for three years before they decided to marry.  

"He was just a pleasant friendly little chap," said Bertie. "I hadn't been bothered by anybody in Milton so I thought well he's a good fella so I'll be good to him."   

The couple dated for three years before marrying when Bertie turned 18. (CBC)

The title of Longest Married Couple is based solely on the nominations the promotion receives. It does not take into account census data or statistics. 

There is no data to show that Bill and Bertie truly are the longest married couple in the country. 

Bill and Bertie were nominated by their granddaughter. Even after all the time they've spent together, Bill said he still wouldn't trade Bertie for the world. 

"I know we can't be together another 80 years, but every day we have I thank her for putting up with me," said Bill. 


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