Thieves steal $2K in Amherst animal shelter break-in

The Lillian Allbon animal shelter lost about $2,000 worth of cheques, cash and gift cards, but no animals were taken or injured, shelter president Terri McCormick said. ​

No animals were taken or injured in burglary

Shelter president Terri McCormick said about $2,000 worth of donations were stolen from the animal shelter. (CBC)

Thieves smashed in the front door of an animal shelter in Amherst, N.S.,  overnight Tuesday and stole about $2,000 worth of cheques, cash and gift cards.

No animals were taken or injured when the Lillian Allbon Animal Shelter was burglarized, shelter president Terri McCormick said. ​

The front door was smashed in, the office area was ransacked and the furnace was "pumping all night" because of cold rushing in, she said.

"They were looking for money and they found it," she said.

The thieves also took some medications for the animals, but McCormick doubts the medicine was the motive for the break-in.

The small, independent shelter relies mainly on donations, as the funding it gets from the Town of Amherst only keeps the facility going for about three months, the shelter president said.