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Star Wars-inspired lightsaber duelling club looks for Halifax members

A Halifax-area high school teacher "who grew up on Star Wars" plans on launching a lightsaber club where participants can gather to do battle.

Teacher Erik Bauckman to start club in June, the same time his $900 lightsaber arrives

Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader duel in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. (LucasFilm)

A Halifax-area high school drama teacher "who grew up on Star Wars" plans to launch a lightsaber club where budding Luke Skywalkers can gather to do battle.

Erik Bauckman says the lightsaber represents the epitome of sci-fi fantasy weaponry.

"When you press a button, a beam of plasma energy just kind of comes out of it that can't be cut by anything and will cut through anything except another lightsaber blade," said the Bedford resident.

Part of the appeal in starting the club is the exercise component. The 41-year-old Bauckman says he is not a fan of going to the gym, but would be ready for a lightsaber fight at any moment.

"I'm never going to say, 'Oh, well, you know, I don't want to go and take a plasma sword and go and beat someone up with it,'" he said.

Bauckman hopes to affiliate the club with Saber Legion, which bills itself as "a worldwide saber club, with a focus on saber combat and sparring." He hopes to use Legion's training resources to help members learn and perfect their lightsaber skills.

In this video shot by Alex Cooke of The Signal, Bauckman demonstrates his lightsaber duelling moves.   

Bauckman says the personal protection equipment club members would need to wear depends on the amount of contact participants were looking for.

"There are dos and don'ts," he said.

Bauckman has been spreading word about his club through Facebook and Kijiji. He plans on launching it in June, which is when his $900 Mitsurugi 3K from Vader's Vault will arrive.

The four-pound lightsaber uses an LED light, has multiple colour options and even allows for custom colour creation. The lightsaber also has pre-programmed sound options, but additional sound packs can be purchased.

Bauckman has a specific sound option in mind. "It's so sinister. I definitely want to get that one," he said.

While a student of Bauckman's has committed to being in the club, it will not be affiliated with the school because of liability concerns, says Bauckman. He notes he did not approach school officials about the idea.

He hopes club members will gather at a community centre that is centrally located for its members. So far, a handful of people have committed to joining the club, he says.

Wife's reaction

Bauckman says his wife has been very supportive about the club.

"I don't think she is ready to go and swing a lightsaber herself, but except for that, she's been incredible," he said.


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