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Licensed marijuana grower holding Sydney workshop

A licensed marijuana grower in Sydney is holding a workshop to share lessons he learned growing marijuana hydroponically.

Workshop promises to teach people how to grow all kinds of plants

A licensed marijuana grower in Sydney says the methods applied to growing marijuana indoors can be applied to all different kinds of plants. (File photo/RCMP handout)

A licensed marijuana grower in Sydney is holding a workshop to share lessons he learned growing marijuana hydroponically.

George Young said the methods he applied to grow marijuana can be applied to all different kinds of plants and he wants to pass those tips along to the public.

The two-day workshop has advice on grow rooms, fans, odour control and how to avoid a heat signature from your house.

"I give them a set of educational skills, hands-on skills and however they choose to use that is their prerogative," said Young.

Hydroponics involves growing plants in sand, gravel or liquid with added nutrients, but no soil. Young said equipment like lights and fans are needed for all indoor hydroponic growing.

"Fans are normal in any hydroponic farm. You want good aeration in the room, you want your plants and plant life to have good air movement, good air circulation inside the room," he said.

"It applies to any plant life, not just medicinal marijuana."

Young said he's been using hydroponics for 13 years and holds a Health Canada licence to grow 1,000 marijuana plants at one time. He goes by the name Boston George at the Sea of Green Grow School.

For $250 per person, Boston George and fellow instructor Tuna promise to give hands-on demonstrations about how to grow any crop efficiently.

"I've grown many, many plants before and I have also tissue cultured many plants before so I have a lot of experience and I want to share it," said Young.

The Cape Breton Regional Police said there's nothing illegal about the two-day workshop.

"He could be the greatest guy in the world and doing it for the right purpose to help people who medically need it right, and that is what I'm assuming at this time it's all about," said Cape Breton Regional Police Staff Sgt. Max Sehl.

Along with learning how to clone and prevent mildew and root rot, workshop participants will also get help with the paperwork for their own medical marijuana grower licence.

Young's workshop starts this weekend in Sydney. A Halifax workshop is scheduled for the weekend of Oct. 27.