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Library staff hop into action after bunny found in bathroom

Staff at the Halifax Central Library leapt into action Wednesday afternoon after a black bunny was discovered hopping around one of the building's washrooms.

‘Not the call I expected to get in the run of a day,’ says Halifax library employee

The bunny — which staff dubbed 'Flushy' — was found in a third-floor washroom at the Halifax Central Library. (Elliott Gish)

Sheena Jamieson didn't expect to care for a roaming rabbit during her shift at the Halifax Central Library on Wednesday.

But that's what ended up happening after a customer reported seeing a little black bunny hopping around a washroom on the library's third floor late in the afternoon.

"It was a surprise," said Jamieson, community navigator with the Halifax Central Library. "Not the call I expected to get in the run of a day, but we were able to react really quickly."

Jamieson, along with the library's security staff, were able to corral the rabbit into a basket and take it out of the washroom. They called a veterinarian to make sure they were handling the situation correctly.

They then put the bunny in a box with bedding, fed it some spinach, and called municipal animal services.

The bunny got some care and treats while it was waiting to be picked up by municipal animal services. (Sheena Jamieson)

When animal services came to get the bunny a few hours later, they needed some information — including the rabbit's name.

"We were throwing around many names throughout the time he was here, from Pantoufle — which I think means slipper — to little Flushy, which is sort of the name that stuck, since the poor little guy was found in a bathroom," she said.

The bunny is now in the care of the HRM Animal Redemption Centre, which will hold the animal for 72 hours while they wait for an owner to come forward.

"I think the redemption centre renamed him to Orville, which is probably the better choice," Jamieson said with a laugh.

Sheena Jamieson says anyone considering abandoning a pet can talk to library staff and they can help direct them to resources. (CBC)

There have been no reports yet about a lost rabbit, according to HRM spokesperson Maggie-Jane Spray.

Abandoned bunnies

In a video of the rabbit rescue posted to the social media website Reddit, the bunny appeared to be quite calm and docile.

Animal groups have previously spoken out about people abandoning rabbits, especially those given as gifts during Easter. 

On its website, the Nova Scotia SCPA urged potential bunny owners to make sure they understand what goes into caring for an animal before they get one.

"Before you adopt, think about how you will handle caring for your rabbit and providing a loving home in the face of changes in your life," it said. 

Jamieson said leaving an animal at a library is "not ideal," but she said the library is ready and willing to help anyone who needs it.

"If someone has limited options I could understand why maybe the library seems like a great place to do this, but what we really exist for is to help people with information and connection," she said. 

"If surrendering your pet is something you need or want to do, please come and talk to us. We can help you."


With files from Paul Palmeter