Nova Scotia

Leon's furniture stores close in Bridgewater, Coldbrook

Two Leon's furniture stores In Nova Scotia have closed without explanation. The company says customers can be served at the Leon's store in Dartmouth.

Customers from those stores to be served by Dartmouth location

A Google Street View image of the Leon's furniture store in Bridgewater from August 2018. (Google Street View)

Two Leon's furniture stores in Nova Scotia closed late last week without explanation.

According to the company's customer care department, the stores in Coldbrook and Bridgewater were independently owned and operated.

"And as such, we can't speak to the reason for the closure," Leon's said in an email sent Friday evening.

But Leon's said it will be serving all of its customers out of its Dartmouth location, adding "customers will receive the highest standard of service."

CBC News was unable to reach the owners of the stores.

Bridgewater Mayor David Mitchell said the town is thinking about the store's employees.

In an email, he told CBC News the sudden closure was both concerning and disappointing.

Mayor Peter Muttart of the Municipality of the County of Kings, where the Coldbrook store was located, said the area was saddened to hear about the closure, adding he hoped there "may still be room in the organization for the affected employees."


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