Nova Scotia

King of Donair to leave Halifax's pizza corner

The King of Donair, perhaps the most famous of the pizza shops at Halifax's pizza corner, is moving from the iconic corner.

Owner is in a dispute with the landlord over repairs

The King of Donairs is moving from Halifax's pizza corner. (CBC)

The King of Donair, perhaps the most famous of the pizza shops at Halifax's pizza corner, is moving from the iconic corner.

Owner Sam Nahas said Wednesday that he was recently notified his lease was not being renewed after he decided to sue his landlord for costs to repair the building.

Three pizza joints dominate the intersection of Blowers and Grafton streets. At the northwest corner sits the King of Donair, the restaurant that claims to have pioneered the donair.

Nahas said he's looking for a new building in downtown Halifax that's in a better state of repair. K.O.D has been situated at pizza corner since the early '90s.

Sam Nahas, left, and Cal Myra display some of the Shriners' bikes used in parades in 2009. (CBC)

But Nahas, the former potentate of the Philae Shriners in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, told CBC News that he's being forced to leave this location at the end of May.

Before he received notice that his lease was not being renewed, Nahas took his landlord, John Manolopoulos, to Nova Scotia Small Claims court. 

Nahas wants to be reimbursed for $25,000 he spent on repairs to floor joists and plumbing in the old building. As a tenant, he said he shouldn't be responsible for the cost.

Nahas said he's expecting a small claims court decision soon.

Pizza fans will be sorry to see the shop go.

"Someone said if you're going to go to pizza corner, if you want the best donair, go to King of Donair," Simon Rainville said Wednesday.

"That's what I've heard, and the pizza's pretty good, too."

 "I'm sure a lot of the kids that are down here on Saturday nights are going to be disappointed," Elizabeth Hall said.