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Kentville library moves into former United Church

Work is underway in Kentville, N.S., to convert a stone church into the town's new library.

A scaled-back version of the library is operating out of the basement until the upstairs renovations are done

Work is underway in Kentville, N.S., to convert a stone church into the town's new library.

The old library on Cornwallis Street is coming down to make room for a new bridge over the river. (All photos by CBC)

The library is moving a few blocks to Main Street, where the former United Church of St. Stephen and St. Paul has been converted into a facility housing the library and other businesses and organizations. 

The landlord is  looking for a few more tenants. 

In 1914, it opened as a Presbyterian church. The Methodists joined the congregation in 1923.

From that point on, the church operated as the United Church of St. Paul and St. Stephen. 

Now, they're converting the inside into a library. The view below will be the view from the community room.

A glass wall will keep the sound inside the community room, while visually connecting the two areas. 

Crews are painting the walls and making other alterations as the building gets transformed. 

They're rolling up the iconic church-red carpets and exposing the wood floor. 

They've envisioned how they'll lay out the new library. This section will house the graphic novels. 

Below you can see the view into the community room, up by the pulpit and choir area.

The library will be fully accessible once it opens. 

The stained-glass windows will stay in the new library, bringing some of its past into its future. 

Nova Scotians aren't the only people excited by the new library. Margaret Atwood is helping them raise funds online. 

Patrons can use the "library lite" in the church basement until the upstairs space opens in a few months.