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Kayla Hounsell is a network reporter with CBC News based in Halifax. She covers the Maritime provinces for CBC national news on television, radio and online. She welcomes story ideas at kayla.hounsell@cbc.ca.

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Thousands of Saudi students remain in Canada, despite Riyadh's pledge to axe scholarships

Thousands of university students from Saudi Arabia remain in Canada despite being ordered out of the country by their government last August, and planning is underway to mitigate the impact on Canadian universities when those students graduate and are not replaced.   

Aggressive teen to be released from secure facility and mom says there's no exit plan

The mother of a 16-year-old girl who requires significant care said she's been told her daughter will be released from the secure facility where she currently resides in two weeks, and there is no plan for her care.

This English same-sex couple fathered twins who are half-siblings — and a Canadian surrogate helped them

An English same-sex couple cherishes the twin toddlers they have as the result of an arrangement involving a Canadian surrogate and Canadian surrogacy laws they feel are more progressive than those on the books in the United Kingdom.

'There's no shortage of negative things': Pregnant Meghan faces online bullying

Since marrying into the Royal Family, Meghan Markle has become one of the most watched women in the world, but now the scrutiny online has turned from a general interest in the new royal to unpleasant, distasteful and racist comments.

Archeologists advance toward proving Acadian burial site at Annapolis Royal, N.S.

Archaeologists say they've made a promising discovery at Fort Anne, Canada's first national historic site, by using ground-penetrating radar to explore a burial ground. Fort Anne is located in Annapolis Royal, N.S., and became a national historic site in 1917.

Veterans Affairs reverses decision, opens beds for Allied war vets

Veterans Affairs will expand access to Halifax’s Camp Hill Veterans Memorial Hospital after a veteran was denied access because his wartime service wasn’t with the Canadian military. Now the minister of veterans affairs says 25 beds will be opened to Allied and modern-day veterans.

Canadian war vet denied access to N.S. veterans hospital

A Canadian war veteran is being denied access to a Halifax veterans hospital, even though there are empty beds in the facility, because he wasn’t Canadian at the time of his wartime service.

N.S. woman choosing to die earlier than she wants due to 'extreme' assisted-dying law

A Nova Scotia woman who is choosing a medically assisted death says she will end her life earlier than she really wants because she's worried doctors will deny her the procedure if she loses her mental capacity to consent before that time arrives.

Divisive bilingualism debate rears its head in N.B. election campaign

With less than two weeks to go until New Brunswickers go to the polls, the divisive issue of what languages political leaders speak is once again rearing its head in Canada’s only officially bilingual province.

'I'm just amazed': Inverness Beach becomes accessibility leader

The Inverness Development Association and the Inverness County Accessibility Committee partnered to purchase two beach-friendly wheelchairs, mats that make it easier to walk on the sand and two floating chairs that allow people to go in the water.

Inspiring sick children with Paralympic gold

Mark Arendz lost his left arm when he fell into a grain auger on his family farm on Prince Edward Island when he was seven. Now 28 and a Paralympic champion, he returns to the Maritimes to inspire sick children to dream big.

Canadian municipalities struggling to find place for recyclables after China restricts foreign waste

China’s new rules that seriously restrict or straight out ban foreign waste have Canadian municipalities struggling to find places to ship their recyclables.

Cross-country consultations to address 'nationwide' problem of human trafficking begin in Halifax

Jennifer Holleman's daughter, Maddison, died in a car crash with a drunk driver in Edmonton in 2015. Her mother says messages found on her cellphone after she died indicate the driver was a john.

Psychiatric service dog handlers to get tax credit

The 2018 budget proposes expanding the medical expense tax credit to recognize costs for psychiatric service dogs.

Dalhousie University probes founder's record on slavery and race as it marks bicentennial

As Dalhousie University enters its third century, it's making a commitment to inclusion and racial diversity - even as it digs into a problematic past.