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Karsten wants recount after loss to Barkhouse

Bill Karsten is asking for a recount in District 3 after he lost to Jackie Barkhouse by six votes.

Deputy mayor lost by six votes

Bill Karsten wants a recount, but he spent Sunday catching up with his grandchildren. (Jean Laroche/CBC)

Bill Karsten is asking for a recount in District 3 after he lost to Jackie Barkhouse by six votes.

Both Karsten and Barkhouse had served on the previous council. Karsten was deputy mayor. The race went back and forth as results came in, with Barkhouse being named the winner by a fraction of a per cent.

On Sunday, Karsten said he would file papers seeking a recount.

  • Barkhouse wins District 3 with 41 per cent (3,352 votes)
  • Karsten took 40.9 per cent (3,346 votes)

Several council races in HRM went down to the wire, with three new face and 13 councillors returning in elections in the redrawn districts.

Waye Mason squeaked past Sue Uteck and Gerry Walsh to win District 7, with Dawgfather PHD coming fourth and Mike MacDonell fifth.

On Sunday, Mason said the boundary change was key to his win.

"It's a really large area — it's incorrect to refer to it as the south end. It's more central, downtown and south combined," he said. "It really changed the makeup of the electorate and helped create opportunities for me."

Mason was in third after the electronic voting, but turned it around when the physical votes came in. He said the support of students and seniors fell in his favour.

The final result came in after 1 a.m., although Mason declared himself the winner earlier in the evening based on his scrutineers' observations.

"I can tell you it doesn't get tighter than that and we have won by 100 votes," he said Saturday evening.

The music promoter ousted Uteck, who had been on council for 13 years. He announced he had won after a member of Uteck's team provided him with the final results and she conceded.

Alan Ruffman, a Mason supporter, expressed frustration that HRM was not able to provide the results faster.

"The only reason we know that Waye Mason won is that ultimately the last poll was given to him by Sue Uteck, who had someone in the senior citizens' home. That's not the way the public should get their results," Ruffman said.

The city's returning officer said its phone system was swamped when results poured in. She said it will work to be more prepared for the next election. In total, 37 per cent of eligible voters cast a ballot.

  • Mason wins District 7 with 32.3 per cent (1,949 votes)
  • Uteck took 30.4 per cent (1,835 votes)
  • Gerry Walsh took 29.8 per cent (1,796 votes)

In another closely watched race, Jennifer Watts won District 8. The contest had focused on Watts and Dawn Sloane, as both had served on the previous council, but in the end Watts won handily with more than half the votes, while Sloane came third.

  • Watts wins District 8 with 52.4 per cent (3,906 votes)
  • Doug MacDonald took 22 per cent (1,638 votes)
  • Dawn Sloane took 20.9 per cent (1,558 votes)

Matt Whitman is one of four new faces around the council table, including the mayor, winning District 13 with 44.7 per cent of the vote over Peter Lund, who had served on the previous council and took 40.4 per cent of the vote.

Whitman credited his children with giving him the edge.

"My kids are in Grade 9 and Grade 6 and they campaigned at their school for me," he said Sunday. "My son became student council president a week ago, so we're two for two in the elections."

He also said with Mike Savage as mayor, the mix of returning and new councillors would work well together.

"Anyone who was stubborn or uncooperative before is going to have to adapt because of Mike Savage. Mike's going to run a tight ship," he said. "We're going to get things done."

  • Whitman wins District 13 with 44.7 per cent (3,202 votes)
  • Peter Lund took 40.4 per cent (2,897 votes)

In District 1, Barry Dalrymple was elected, defeating Steve Streatch with 57.2 per cent of the vote. In District 12, Reg Rankin defeated Mary Wile, who had served on the previous council

The new Halifax Regional Municipality council will be sworn in Nov. 6. It is:

  • Mayor: Mike Savage
  • District 1: Barry Dalrymple
  • District 2: David Hendsbee
  • District 3: Jackie Barkhouse
  • District 4: Lorelei Nicoll
  • District 5: Gloria McCluskey
  • District 6: Darren Fisher
  • District 7: Waye Mason
  • District 8: Jennifer Watts
  • District 9: Linda Mosher
  • District 10: Russell Walker
  • District 11: Steve Adams
  • District 12: Reg Rankin
  • District 13: Matt Whitman
  • District 14: Brad Johns
  • District 15: Steve Craig
  • District 16: Tim Outhit