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Kale Gabriel murder trial in death of Ryan White hears from firearms expert

White, 21, was killed in north-end Halifax in 2010

White, 21, was killed in north-end Halifax in 2010

Police investigate the Ryan White shooting in Halifax's Mulgrave Park housing complex in 2010. (CBC)

The Crown has wrapped its case in the second-degree murder trial of Kale Gabriel.

Gabriel, 27, is charged in the 2010 shooting death of Ryan White, 21, in north-end Halifax.

Five weeks have been set aside for trial, but lawyers now estimate the case could go to jury deliberations next week.

The final two Crown witnesses were part of the investigation into the murder.

Retired RCMP weapons expert Robin Theriault testified about the bullet recovered from White's body. He said it was a 38-calibre and came from a revolver, a fairly common firearm. The gun itself was never recovered.

Theriault also examined three articles of White's clothing: a sleeveless shirt, a t-shirt and a hooded sweatshirt. Theriault said all three had a single bullet hole in the front, although the holes didn't line up exactly. Theriault told the court the hole in the sweatshirt was consistent with the gun being held right against the fabric and fired at extremely close range.

The final Crown witness was Halifax Regional Police detective Jason Withrow. He was at the crime scene in Mulgrave Park the morning after White was shot. He said he saw Kale Gabriel get out of a car and walk into a home. Withrow said Gabriel spoke to him as he went by. Withrow told the court it was only later he learned Gabriel was a suspect in White's murder.

The trial adjourned early on Friday because the defence asked to delay the start of their case until Monday morning. That's when it's expected Gabriel will take the stand in his own defence.

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