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Jon Tattrie is a journalist and the author of two novels and five non-fiction books. He won the RTDNA's 2015 Adrienne Clarkson Award. Find him at

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Brazen theft at Halifax Walmart leaves boy shaken, with bad dreams

When Omar Seoudi's family immigrated to Canada last year, they told him Canada was a safe country, so it didn't cross his mind that he was watching a robbery when a woman grabbed his mother's bag at a Halifax Walmart.

Black-owned food truck gets licence back, but doesn't have money to reopen

A Black-owned food truck in Greenwood, N.S., had its food licence restored this week after the owner spoke out against an inspector who called him "you people" as he took his licence last month.

Georges Island opens up to visitors — but only for the next month

Georges Island will open to visitors starting this weekend and until Labour Day.

African immigrant group loses funding over lack of financial disclosure

The Nova Scotia government won't give further funding to the African Diaspora Association of the Maritimes until the organization produces financial reports and other documentation.

MLA says 'it's disturbing' after Black-owned food truck shut down

A Greenwood, N.S., man says his food truck has been run out of business by a provincial inspector who called him "you people" and suspended his food licence. 

Truro police start wearing body cameras for 'public safety, officer safety'

Police in Truro, N.S., have started wearing body cameras to record interactions with the public. 

New clue unlocks mystery of Halifax Explosion photo

A surprise twist in the investigation into a new, nightmarish image of the Halifax Explosion has found the exact spot the photo was taken.

The fascinating true story of how fictional Evangéline enchanted the world

In the forest primeval of Grand Pré, Nova Scotia, a different statue stands still among the murmuring willows. While the effigies of the men seem to demand that you pay attention to them, this wispy young woman turns her head away. 

Halifax murder trials delayed as courts don't have pandemic-safe venue

The COVID-19 pandemic is creating a legal backlog in Halifax courts.

New study sheds light on why cats can get COVID-19, but dogs can't

Cats can get COVID-19, but dogs can't, according to new research from Dalhousie University.

Masks to be mandatory at all N.S. hospitals starting July 21

Children under the age of two won't have to wear a mask, and neither will hospital in-patients or staff working in non-clinical areas. But non-medical masks will be mandatory for everyone else.

African immigrant group fears defunding amid turmoil and government inaction

Members of an organization that helps Africans immigrate to Nova Scotia say it's at risk of being defunded as rival groups claim to run it and the provincial government won't say who's in charge.

Is this 'surreal nightmare' an unpublished photo of the Halifax Explosion?

A nightmarish photo surfaces on social media. It's allegedly a new image of the 1917 Halifax Explosion. CBC News investigates to find the truth.

This hospital cleaner once faced Ebola. Now he's wiping out COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought attention to the doctors and nurses battling the disease, but they couldn't work at the front line unless someone was willing to clean it. Janvier Korongo, a cleaner at a Halifax hospital, was one of the first volunteers.

Right-of-way win in Antigonish encourages defenders of old public roads

A group in Antigonish, N.S., has successfully fought to keep a historic right-of-way to the harbour from being sold into private hands, bringing attention to the debate about what to do when public roads are abandoned by the government.