Nova Scotia

Jeff Douglas named as new host of CBC Nova Scotia's Mainstreet

After nearly a decade hosting CBC's 'As It Happens,' the Truro, N.S., native is moving back to his home province to host 'Mainstreet' for mainland Nova Scotia.

The Truro, N.S., native says he is looking forward to connecting with listeners in his home province

Jeff Douglas says that after decades of telling stories across Canada, he is looking forward to returning to his native province to host CBC Radio's Mainstreet for mainland Nova Scotia. (CBC)

After decades of telling stories from across Canada, Jeff Douglas is finally coming home.

The Truro, N.S., native is the new host of CBC Nova Scotia's Mainstreet, the weekday afternoon radio show for the province's mainland. 

"Twenty-five years I've been working in broadcasting and to take that experience and marry that with issues and communities that I'm deeply, personally invested in and feel part of, that's really exciting to me," he said. 

CBC Radio listeners already know Douglas' voice well. Since 2010, he has been based in Toronto as co-host of CBC Radio's As It Happens with Carol Off. He has also filled in as guest host of CBC Radio's Weekend Mornings and Mainstreet in recent years. 

"The first time people started calling into Weekend Mornings, I realized 'These are my people! These are the people I know.' It was even more so on Mainstreet, talking to the people of the province on the issues of the day — I get this, these people speak my language."

Douglas has received three Gemini nominations, and a Kari Award for his popular commercial work — which includes playing Joe Canadian in the now-legendary "I Am Canadian" campaign. He is also currently the voice of CBC TV's Stats of Life.

Douglas said it will be bittersweet to leave As It Happens and his colleagues. 

"Toronto has been really good to me, I worked on a terrific program for the better part of the past decade. Carol has been a big influence and a mentor to me.

"That being said, if you're from the East Coast, you're from the East Coast."

He said he realized about five years ago while back in Nova Scotia for a vacation that it was time to come home. When Mainstreet announced it was looking for a new host after Bob Murphy took over the reins on Maritime Noon, Douglas knew it was the job for him. 

"I called my wife and said I really hope I get this, because it will give me a chance to grow, I'm really excited about the challenges.

"For me it's really important who you work with and I'm in good hands with that crew — Alex Mason, Rob Doublett, Diane Paquette and the team. They're super invested in the show and in the community. They feel a great deal of responsibility to the listeners."

Douglas said he's also looking forward to spending more time with his sister, brother-in-law and nephews in Nova Scotia. And no one was happier than Douglas' mom to hear the news of his new job.

"She said 'I'm so happy we're going to be a family again.'" 

Douglas' last day on As It Happens is May 31. He will join Mainstreet later this spring. 

Mainstreet airs from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. weekdays on CBC Radio One on mainland Nova Scotia.