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Jean Laroche has been a CBC reporter for 32 years. He's been covering Nova Scotia politics since 1995 and has been at Province House longer than any sitting member.

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Why Nova Scotia MLAs can campaign federally while on the provincial payroll

Four sitting members of the Nova Scotia legislature are looking to win a seat in the House of Commons this fall, and so far none has resigned — nor are they required to until the election is called.

PC MLA ordered to comply with accessibility rules by June 20

An all-party committee of the Nova Scotia legislature is taking a hard line with PC MLA Alana Paon when it comes to her constituency office and whether it is accessible enough.

PC leadership race costly for some candidates who faced campaign debts

Running for the leadership of the PC Party of Nova Scotia was a costly endeavour for the five contenders, but even those who ended the race with debts claim it was worth it.

Province terminates Halifax school bus contract with Stock

Education Minister Zach Churchill has fired Stock Transportation as the bus company contracted to carry students to and from school in the Halifax area.

Swamped information commissioner again chides McNeil government

Catherine Tully has singled out Nova Scotia government departments for being unco-operative in her latest and last report as the province's access-to-information and privacy watchdog.

Feds chip in $5M to fund Dalhousie-led health initiative at 360 schools

The funding is expected to last five years for a program that promotes healthy eating and exercise at 360 schools in Nova Scotia.

Program aimed at teens of families getting income assistance has mixed results

A Nova Scotia program aimed at keeping the next generation off government assistance is being called a success by those who run it, despite a high dropout rate from it and the fact only a tiny fraction of eligible teens are participating.

Former staffer pushes for more diversity at top of NSTU

A former senior staffer at the Nova Scotia Teachers Union is calling for a change at the top to better reflect the diversity of Nova Scotia.

Nova Scotia to hire 173 more specialists for students with extra needs

The $15 million promised in the spring budget for inclusive education will go toward hiring a total of 173 more inclusive education specialists, teachers and other assistants, the Education Department said Thursday.

Family upset parents weren't able to spend their last hours together in nursing home

Murdock and Frances Newhook were married 62 years, but neither spent their last moments together because the nursing home they were in didn't have a room to give them the last week they were both alive.

After $1.1M refit, Province House's south garden sports new look

Nova Scotians who want to enjoy Province House's new million-dollar south garden will soon be able to access the grounds through an open garden gate, rather than the present option of using a vehicle entrance.

Province has $10M diversity program, but MLA wants greater push for change

Nova Scotia is spending $10 million on a three-year program that currently helps 167 workers from under-represented communities, but one MLA says the province should also use its spending power to force companies to diversify.

N.S. teachers' pension plan deficit grows, prompts review

The Nova Scotia Teachers' Pension Plan ended 2018 with a $1.6-billion deficit, leading the provincial government and the teachers union to agree to an independent review of the fund with an eye on restoring the plan to health.

Premier names former forest tech. as Nova Scotia's environment minister

Premier Stephen McNeil replaces Margaret Miller as environment minister. McNeil said Miller had asked to "lighten her load" following two operations in little more than a year.

McNeil government's fracking ban remains a work in progress

A senior government official told a Nova Scotia legislature committee the McNeil government is working on fracking regulations, but there's no timeline in place.