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Hurricane Michael is a storm to watch in Atlantic Canada

CBC meteorologist Ryan Snoddon says Michael is a storm worth watching for impacts in this region later this week.

Michael will hit Florida Panhandle Wednesday and likely track towards Atlantic Canada late week

Hurricane Michael is expected to make landfall Wednesday on the Florida Panhandle. (Ryan Snoddon/CBC)

Hurricane Michael will make landfall along the Florida Panhandle on Wednesday, most likely as a major storm. Flooding rains of 10 to 20 centimetres, with hurricane force winds and storm surge of up to 3½ metres are in the forecast for the region.

The storm then looks destined to move through the southeast U.S. on Thursday as a tropical storm, bringing heavy rains to Georgia and the Carolinas, before moving back out to the Atlantic on Friday.

National Hurricane Center track for Hurricane Michael, as of Tuesday afternoon. (Ryan Snoddon/CBC)

Late week threat

While the exact track and impacts remain uncertain, Michael does look set to track northeastward towards Atlantic Canada, moving through this neck of the woods late Friday and Saturday, likely a post-tropical system.

Each line is a different forecast model projection for the track of Michael later this week. (Ryan Snoddon/CBC)

Currently, the bulk of the forecast model guidance has the storm tracking southeast of the Maritimes, as well as Newfoundland this weekend. However, there's still a chance that track changes and Michael brings its heavy rain right through the region.

Soaking rain either way

Even if the storm stays offshore and doesn't directly impact the region, we'll be seeing some soaking rains later this week, partly fueled by Michael.

Tropical moisture associated with Michael looks likely to provide extra fuel to an incoming fall system late this week. (Ryan Snoddon/CBC)

A fall system tracking through the Maritimes on Thursday and Friday will see some extra tropical moisture added, as it holds hands with Michael. It's a bit early to say for sure, but certainly the potential exists for 50+ mm of rain for Nova Scotia and parts of New Brunswick through Friday.

Any rain from Michael itself would be extra on top of that and so I'll be tracking both systems closely over the next few days.
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