Nova Scotia

Hunting, fishing TV family aim for national award

A Nova Scotia family has turned their passion for hunting and fishing into a hugely popular TV series that's now up for a national award.

A Nova Scotia family has turned their passion for hunting and fishing into a hugely popular TV series that's now up for a national award.

When Candace MacIsaac was a little girl, she wasn't interested in playing with dolls — she wanted to go hunting and fishing.

"It is all about adventure. I like hunting and I like the fact that I can use a gun and use a bow."

As a kid, she joined her father snaring rabbits.

Peter MacIsaac thought the family passion could become the family business after he was an extra on the movie Outlander.

"I started off as an archer on a movie that was produced out in Nine Mile River, firing, shooting arrows, involved in sword fights.  I said, 'this looks like a lot of fun.'"

The Bedford man started Best of Bull Run — a cable television series now in its third season with an audience of 37 million people across Canada, the U.S. and Europe.

Audiences have seen 24-year-old MacIsaac shoot a moose, a bear and land a shark.

"I ran into some ladies today that said 'it's great that there's somebody out there young like you that is actually still interested in hunting and fishing and doesn't just look at it as ew,'" said MacIssac.

It's now up for a Grizzly Award for WildTV's best Canadian show. The awards are on Aug. 6.

The MacIsaacs hope to bring home the award and to bring more people out to Nova Scotia's woods and lakes. 

"Fun is not overrated. That's our motto," said MacIssac.