Nova Scotia

Hundreds of N.S. teachers protest school cuts

Teachers across the province left their classrooms and headed to the offices of NDP MLAs across the province Friday afternoon.
Hundreds of teachers across the province are protests cuts to the education budget. (Dawn MacPhee/CBC)

Teachers across the province headed to the offices of NDP MLAs across the province after class Friday afternoon.

The Nova Scotia Teachers Union organized 18 rallies against cuts to the education budget.

About 200 teachers marched to Finance Minister Graham Steele's constituency office in Halifax.

They're demanding elected representatives reconsider this year's funding to schools and put more money into education.

The province said the drop in funding is the result of a decrease in enrollment.

But the teachers say students ultimately pay the price with larger classes.

In a news release, Union President Alexis Allen said there will be more than $65 million in cuts by the next school year.

"These are the people on the front lines of this assault on education.  They are fed up with the NDP government's attack on our children and want to have their voice heard," Allen said.

Some of the MLAs — including Graham Steele — anticipated the protests, and closed their offices early Friday.