Strange case of human remains found in jar deemed non-criminal

This summer, a construction worker in Lunenburg County unearthed a small glass jar containing human remains. The investigation has concluded and no charges will be laid.

Police, province won't say exactly what was in the small glass container

RCMP in Nova Scotia say a grisly discovery this summer in Lunenburg County was not of a criminal nature.

On July 25, a worker using an excavator at a construction site unearthed a small glass jar containing human remains.

RCMP spokesperson Cpl. Jennifer Clarke said the major crimes unit investigated the incident and deemed it non-criminal.

Neither Clarke nor Justice Department spokesperson Heather Fairbairn would say what exactly was in the jar.

Fairbairn said the medical examiner's office conducted its own investigation and concluded the jar contained human remains "such as the type used in teaching."

It's also unclear what time period the jar and its contents were from.