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HRM hosts 2nd annual curbside giveaway

HRM residents will be scouring the streets Saturday and Sunday in search of unwanted items in the city's second annual curbside giveaway.

HRM residents will be scouring the streets Saturday and Sunday in search of unwanted items in the city's second annual curbside giveaway.

Participants swap books, DVDs, tools and furniture items by leaving them at the curb for others to take.

The treasure hunt theme is modelled after similar city events in Winnipeg and Ottawa.

Megan Couture is taking to the streets in search of freebies.

Last year, Couture got a chair, a red suitcase and a toaster. On Saturday she's started in the suburbs and making her way downtown.

"I'm looking for more picture frames and other than that, maybe some shelving or something I can turn into a shelf. Other than that, it's more about what I can find and going, 'Hey, can I find a use for this?'"

HRM's website reminds residents that any items infested with bed bugs — such as mattresses, furniture and bedding — shouldn't be put out or picked up. "These are not treasures," according to the site.

Gord Helm, manager of solid waste resources for HRM, said it's a great chance to divert items from the landfill.

"It goes the whole gamut from children's things ... whether they're toys or sports gear … from bikes to people replacing stuff. Furniture, some appliances, a lot of books. People would feel, 'I'd rather have someone pick this up and use it again than put it in the garbage.'"

Participants should make sure a "Free" sign is on the items. Last year, one woman mistakenly started to take items from a family that was actually in the middle of moving.

The giveaway ends Sunday evening.